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Living with inflammatory bowel disease

Your transition to adulthood and independence, whether that means full-time employment, college, or a combination of work and school, comes with more freedom… and that comes with more rights and more responsibility.

What’s the key to making sure your college or career experience is what you hoped for, and not taken over by your inflammatory bowel disease? Thinking ahead and planning for the ups and downs of your inflammatory bowel disease will help you be prepared so that you can manage whatever comes your way. There are lots of responsibilities, but even more possibilities. The healthier you are, the more you can take advantage of all the exciting opportunities waiting for you.

Doc4me provides helpful hints for your transition

A successful transition

You can make sure the next stage of your life is about much more than continuously responding to a series of medical crises. Here are some key themes that will help you make a successful transition:

  • Anticipate what you’ll need for your treatments as well as what might be  barriers to completing your treatments
  • Educate yourself about your resources, and educate your close friends about inflammatory bowel disease so they can help you when you are not feeling well
  • Know how to access the appropriate health resources and your medical team
  • Partner with your medical team and campus or work staff to close loopholes
  • Advocate for yourself with supervisors, managers or professors
  • Be accountable and in charge of your health care and health care choices
  • Keep your personal medical information private as much as possible (but you need to also know when you need to share this information to help yourself). Your medical information is legally nobody’s business but your own
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We’ve launched a brand new app for you to make inflammatory bowel disease transition easier and smarter. Doc4me will help you find an adult inflammatory bowel disease doctor to transition to based on your location or designated area. Doc4me will also help you prepare for your first appointment with the new doctor. Start the search today.

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