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Find an adult inflammatory bowel disease doctor and get prepared for your first visit
Find A Doctor

Find a doctor

Helps you to find a doctor who treats adults with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Doctor Information

Doctor information

Information about the doctor.
Bookmark all the doctors you are interested in.



Checklists for what you need to know and do to transition to an adult inflammatory bowel disease doctor.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Information

Inflammatory bowel disease information

More information about inflammatory bowel disease.

Testimonial 3

"I am in college so this app will be pretty beneficial when the time comes for me to search for an adult GI doctor closer to school. It's very relevant and informative"

Mia, 18
Testimonial 2

"It's a pretty neat and handy application, I can see myself  using this app when the time comes to transition.
Very beneficial"

Jason, 17
Testimonial 1

"I liked that there were sections on how to live with Crohn's and information on specific nutritional information.
This app is very informative and educational. Will be very helpful for transitioning"

Haley, 19
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About the Doc4me App

A significant proportion of inflammatory bowel disease patients present in childhood with up to one third of patients presenting before the age of 20 years. As a result, many inflammatory bowel disease patients must undergo the transition process, where their care is transferred from a pediatric-centered service to an adult-care service.

The Doc4me app helps adolescents and young adults with inflammatory bowel disease find a doctor who treats adults with inflammatory bowel disease in a specific area. Doc4me also helps young people get ready for their medical visit with their new doctor by knowing what to bring and how to prepare.

Living with inflammatory bowel disease

Many teens and young adults are affected by inflammatory bowel disease and live well. To live well, you need to transition well and Doc4me provides helpful hints on how to do this. Living with inflammatory bowel disease at the time of starting college or a new job or moving to a new place can be stressful.

Doc4me provides you with helpful tips on how to transition well to a new doctor, manage your inflammatory bowel disease with medications and nutrition, and prepare for college and for living on your own. Doc4me also provides links to other helpful apps for managing inflammatory bowel disease: Bathroom finders, Infusion center finders, and Hospital finders.

Testimonial 5

"Adolescents and young adults with inflammatory bowel disease need to transition well to an adult inflammatory bowel disease physician. The Doc4me app can help and support young people through the process to ensure success. Doc4me is  wonderful companion tool for transition! "

Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH
Pediatric IBD physician
Testimonial 4

“A successful transition from pediatric, child-centric care to an adult provider is critical for healthy outcomes in young adults with inflammatory bowel disease. Doc4me provides the resources and tools within an app to help young adults have a successful transfer of care when they are ready. This is an invaluable new resource!”

Brigid Boland, MD
Adult IBD physician
and The NASPGHAN Foundation

The North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) is a professional society of more than 2500 pediatric gastroenterologists in the US, Canada and Mexico. Through education, research and advocacy, we provide information and resources to parents, patients, and medical professionals dealing with pediatric digestive disorders.   Two NASPGHAN affiliate organizations are the Council for Pediatric Nutrition Professionals and the Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses.

The NASPGHAN Foundation for Children’s Digestive Health and Nutrition has a single goal: to support the research and education missions of NASPGHAN in order to enhance the health and well-being of children with gastrointestinal, liver, pancreas and nutritional disorders.

Download the Doc4me app today

We’ve launched a brand new app for you to make inflammatory bowel disease transition easier and smarter. Doc4me will help you find an adult inflammatory bowel disease doctor to transition to based on your location or designated area. Doc4me will also help you prepare for your first appointment with your new doctor. Start the search today.


Thank you to the following organization for collaborating in the development of this app:

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

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